Looking out for each other in Islington

Octopus is a borough-wide Network of 14 of Islington’s largest multi-purpose community centres. Our projects are community-led health and well-being activities, which ensures that they are informed by the local community. Each community centre runs various programmes for over 55, youth group, family, women’s only as well as men’s only activities. We work in community centres and with community hubs, youth clubs, play schemes, after school clubs and in schools as well as on estates and in parks and green spaces. Our activities can be during the day, during term time and in the holidays, at weekends and in the evenings. At present all Octopus Hubs are responding to the Covid -19 crisis and are delivering services to support their members and vulnerable residents affected. #EveryoneHasSomethingToGive

How will it work?

We’re building a list of people who can support those who are most at risk from the coronavirus pandemic and others who are struggling and might need help. Along with our voluntary sector partners, we will use this information to coordinate your pledges of support in Islington . This will help make sure everyone receives the help they need.

Who's helping to organise the response?

Octopus Community Network

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